Proto Pedal Chassis Hookup Guide

Contributors: Byron J., MTaylor
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For a finishing touch, you can paint your pedal. We've chosen to try out a couple Rust-Oleum oil-based enamels, which have wildly different properties based on the color, and a spray job using red Krylon Shimmer spray paint, with a clear overcoat.

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Cleaning the workpiece

Start by cleaning the case with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. This removes oils and pencil marks.

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Make sure to not touch clean areas!

The liquid paint was applied using a foam applicator wedge.

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Use scrap wood to catch extra paint

Painting can be a messy process, and you're likely to get some on your work surface. You can protect against paint slop with a drop cloth, or other scrap materials, such as wood, or cardboard.

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Allowing to dry

You can paint the faces of the screws too, if you wish, but try not to get any into the threaded holes, or they may be difficult to drive.

Painting Results

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You can see that the red paint tended to pile up and stay streaky, and needs to be sanded and coated again. This paint should probably be used with a sprayer or thinned out. The black leveled well and could be sanded to a decent finish, but the red refused to level as can be seen above. The Shimmer paint was pretty much fabulous.