OpenScale Applications and Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate, LightningHawk
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Upgrading the Firwmare

From time to time there will be new features for OpenScale. Using the Arduino IDE it is very easy to load new firmware or your own custom firmware onto OpenScale.

OpenScale ships with the Optiboot serial bootloader (115200bps, 16MHz). This allows the board to be reprogrammed under the Arduino IDE by selecting ‘Arduino Uno’ on the boards submenu.

To compile and load the latest version of firmware onto your OpenScale:

  • Connect OpenScale to your computer over USB. Install any needed FTDI drivers and verify that a new COM Port has appeared on your computer
  • Download the Arduino IDE version 1.6.3 but the latest Arduino IDE version should also work
  • Download the OpenScale firmware either directly from the GitHub repo or by checking out the repository (more advanced and not necessary for most people)
  • Download and install bogde’s HX711 library. Read How to install an Arduino library for more information.
  • Open the OpenScale.ino sketch located in the /firmware/OpenScale/ directory and hit Verify
  • Select the “Arduino Uno” under the Tools->Boards sub menu.
  • Select the right COM port under the Tools->Port submenu
  • Upload the code
  • High five your nearest neighbor

OpenScale Firmware

The OpenScale firmware is open source and is available on GiHub on the SparkFun account. Please consider contributing or recommending future features by using the GitHub issue tracker.