Night-Light Pennant with LilyMini ProtoSnap

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Arranging Your Circuit

Carefully snap the pieces of the ProtoSnap apart. Use a set of pliers or diagonal cutters if you are having trouble snapping the pieces apart.

alt text

Discard the non-sewable pieces and scraps. You will end up with seven LilyPad pieces: the LilyMini with battery, four LilyPad LEDs, a LilyPad Button Board, and a LilyPad Light Sensor. We will be labeling the LEDs A, B, C, and D in the circuit diagram to help keep track of them while we stitch the circuit. LEDs A and B will be the first pair, and LEDs C and D will be the second pair.

Arrange the pieces on the felt according to the diagram (or your own custom design). Carefully securing each piece with a dab of glue. Double check the orientation of the LilyPad pieces against the diagram or template before gluing.

alt text

To help you plan your stitch lines, draw your circuit onto the felt with chalk or a washable marker.