MyoWare Muscle Sensor Kit

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Cable Shield

There may still be cases where you want to mount the sensor pads away from the other hardware. For these cases, we sell the MyoWare Cable Shield.

MyoWare Cable Shield


The cable shield provides a jack where you can attach the three electrode cable shown here.

Sensor Cable - Electrode  Pads (3 connector)

Sensor Cable - Electrode Pads (3 connector)


Instead of attaching the sensor pads directly on the MyoWare Muscle Sensor, they can be attached to the shield's 3.5mm TRS jack connector. Both sets of contacts will be connected together, so make sure to only use one pad for each reference [R], end [E], and middle [M] pin.

Note: The cable color codes can vary depending on the manufacturer. If you are seeing unusual sensor readings and the MyoWare is not responding to a muscle group, try testing the pinout by using a multimeter set to measure continuity. Below is a table that references the cable connections for each version of the cable shield. The current version was redesigned to match Myoware's user manual (page 7) and the electrode cable that is sold in SparkFun's catalog:

Pinout Relative to the Bottom View v10 [DEV-13687] v11 [DEV-14109]
Reference [R] Blue Black
End [E] Red Blue
Middle [M] Black Red