MyoWare Muscle Sensor Kit

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MyoWare Muscle Sensor

A new version means new features. Here is a breakdown of the new features added to the MyoWare Muscle Sensor Board:

Single-supply — MyoWare won't need ± voltage power supplies! Unlike the previous sensor, it can now be plugged directly into 3.3V - 5V development boards.

Embedded Electrode Connectors — Electrodes now snap directly to MyoWare, getting rid of those pesky cables and making the MyoWare wearable!

RAW EMG Output — A popular request from grad students, the MyoWare now has a secondary output of the RAW EMG waveform.

Polarity Protected Power Pins — The #1 customer request was to add some protection so the sensor chips don't burn out when the power is accidentally connected backwards.

ON/OFF Switch — Speaking of burning out the board, Advancer Technologies also added an on-board power switch so you can test your power connections more easily. It's also handy for saving power.

LED Indicators — Advancer Technologies added two on-board LEDs one to let you know when the MyoWare's power is on and the other will brighten when your muscle flexes.

For more information, please have a look at the official MyoWare Muscle Sensor datasheet.

What is electromyography (EMG)?

An EMG is used to record (graph) the electrical activity (electro) of muscles (myo).

Embedded Electrode Connectors

The embedded electrode connectors allow you to stick the board right to the target muscle and avoid the hassle of wires.

MyoWare embedded snap connectors

Embedded electrode connectors

The embedded snap connectors mate well with our Biomedical Sensor Pad (10 pack).