MicroView Hookup Guide

Contributors: Joel_E_B, Marcus Schappi
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Example 1 - Hello, World!

The "Hello, World" sketch is common for programming of all types. For most embedded electronics, blinking an LED is the equivalent of printing out a "Hello, World" string. However, since the MicroView has its own display, we can actually print "Hello, World" to the screen as our first program.

Copy the following code, paste it into the Arduino IDE and click upload. Alternatively, you can open the HelloWorld sketch found under File -> Examples -> SparkFun MicroView -> Learning Kit -> HelloWorld.

#include <MicroView.h>

void setup() {
    uView.begin();              // start MicroView
    uView.clear(PAGE);          // clear page
    uView.print("Hello, World!");   // display string

void loop () {}

Once uploaded, you should see "Hello, World" print out on the OLED screen.

Congratulations! You just uploaded your first MicroView sketch!

Let's see what else we can program.