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  • in example 4 when i copy the code to arduino it says;

    error: no matching function for call to 'MicroView::drawBitmap(uint8_t [384])

    why is this? please help

  • What are the steps to get the operating voltage for MicroView to 3.3 V , I have a sensor that communicates using I2C but it's operating voltage is 3.3V.

    • You cannot change the operating voltage of the MicroView as it needs 5V for the OLED screen. However, you can use a logic level converter to connect the MicroView to 3.3V devices without damaging the attached device(s). That said, we often hook up 3.3V I2C devices and 5V I2C devices to one another with no issues since I2C is an open drain technology meaning that I2C master and slave devices can only drive these lines low or leave them open.

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    If you have not checked out the MicroView kit's tutorials, try checking out the online tutorials for the kit:


    Going Further

    Try using a ESP8266, Logic Level Converter, and a Serial Protocol to display the current weather on a MicroView. This tutorial might be of some use using Yahoo's Weather API:

  • In the c file it is called CMD_DRAWBITMAP with one comment line. // TODO

    I think this is called a failure to test completely.

  • In Example 4 - Drawing bitmaps I'm getting an error on line "uView.drawBitmap(bender);" The error message: no matching function for call to 'MicroView::drawBitmap(uint8_t[348])'

    Please help

    • I found the issue. The drawBitmap function was added to the MicroView library several months ago. However, I failed to update the tree on GitHub from which the Arduino Library manger pulls the library files. I will fix this when I get a chance. In the meantime, you can pull my version of the library directly from GitHub, here and install it manually vs through the library manger to get the drawButmap function to work properly.

      • Ok, the library has been updated and pushed to the Arduino Library manager. Please install the SparkFun MicroView library version 1.0.2, which has the drawBitmap function.

        • I am getting the "no matching function error" Arduino 1.8.9 and Sparkfun Microview 1.0.2 is the installed version.

          Any idea what's going on?

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