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  • Hi, I bought the lumidrive + led strip, exact same setup, same type of led , same number, same lenght like the example. I want to activate the rainbow cycle. I'm not able to light it up. Its connected to my computer (usb3). Should it be in that configuration? I'm using sublime text.

    def rainbow_cycle(wait): num_pixels = len(pixels) for j in range(255): for i in range(num_pixels): rc_index = (i * 256 // num_pixels) + j pixels[i] = wheel(rc_index & 255) time.sleep(wait)

    print("Clearing LEDs.") color_fill(BLACK,0)

    Ah trusty ol' blink.

    while True: led.value = True time.sleep(.5) led.value = False time.sleep(.5)

    while True: rainbow_cycle(0)

  • Could you possibly provide a part number for those connectors? They look very cool and I'm interesting in integrating them in some of my future projects. My search only led me to AVX poke home connectors which seems to be the same concept, but I couldn't find your specific connector that has the top release.

    • I tried to find a link for you but unfortunately we get our connectors directly from a manufacturer that does not sell to individuals in small amounts. I also could not find anything any where else =(. Sorry about that.

      • No problem. Thanks for checking!

        • You may not find specifically these poke-home connectors, but search other vendors for "spring terminal blocks". Several manufacturers make similar things.

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