LilyPad Development Board Hookup Guide

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Note to Users:

This resource is for users who are using the LilyPad Development Board.

For users with the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus, please refer to the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus Hookup Guide.

Interested in getting into LilyPad? Or maybe it's Arduino that tickles your fancy? Both? Well, whatever it is, the ProtoSnap LilyPad Development Board is a great tool to start with!

LilyPad ProtoSnap Development Board

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LilyPad Lab Pack


The ProtoSnap LilyPad Development Board features a conglomerate of some of our favorite LilyPad boards. At the center of this mish-mash is our LilyPad Arduino Simple Board -- a small, LilyPad version of the popular Arduino development platform. Using the included FTDI Basic Breakout, you can program this board to work with a whole mess of inputs and outputs:

All of these are already wired up to the LilyPad Arduino Simple. Then, once you feel comfortable programming the Arduino to talk to all those boards, you can break each piece off individually and implement them into your project however you see fit. But...

Required Materials

To reprogram and recharge the board, you'll need to connect a mini-B USB cable. Double check that it is not labeled ‘Power Only’ as these type of cables will not transmit the programming data needed by the LilyPad Arduino Simple Board. If you don't have one you can get one from SparkFun:

SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable - 6 Foot

SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable - 6 Foot


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