LilyPad Buttons and Switches

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What are Buttons and Switches?

Buttons and switches are electronic components that control the flow of current in a circuit. They can act as a simple gateway to light up an LED or as inputs for a microcontroller. Buttons are considered a type of switch, often with a momentary push actuation. We'll refer to both as switches in this section.

Switch States

To change a switch from one state to another requires a physical action, often a flip, slide, or push. This is called actuating the switch. Different types of switches have different actuation methods. In the LilyPad line you can activate switches by sliding, pushing, and even using a magnet to trigger.

Maintained vs Momentary Switches

Switches that stay in one state until changed are called maintained switches. Examples of some common maintained switches are light switches, on/off switches on devices, and toggle switches. The LilyPad Slide Switch is an example of a maintained switch.

A momentary switch is only active when being actuated. Push buttons are a common example of a momentary switch. Other momentary switches you may find around you are the keys on your keyboard - a letter is only typed when the key is pressed. The LilyPad Button is an example of a momentary switch.