LilyPad Buttons and Switches

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LilyPad Button

The LilyPad Button Board is also a type of switch. When you press the button in the middle of the board, it connects the two sew tabs and allows current to flow through. When you let go of the button, the connection is opened again, and the button springs back into place. This button is an example of a momentary switch.

Pressing LilyPad button on E-Sewing ProtoSnap

Pressing the LilyPad Button on the E-Sewing ProtoSnap


This stuffed creature uses both a slide switch and button to control LEDs embedded in it.

Light-Up Plush

December 16, 2016

Craft a light-up plush with LilyPad LEDs controlled by pressing a button and sliding a switch in the creature's hands.

Here's an example of a button being used as an input connected to the LilyMini microcontroller to switch LED modes.