LilyPad Basics: E-Sewing

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Caring For Your Project

Unlike copper wire, which has a coating, conductive thread is uninsulated. This means the thread behaves like bare wire and can accidentally short circuit if stray strands come in contact with each other.

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To avoid any accidental short circuits after the project is stitched and tested, we recommend covering the thread with a thin layer of fabric glue, fabric paint, or an additional layer of fabric. This is especially important for projects that are wearable or three-dimensional. Never work on a metal surface when using conductive thread. For more detailed insulation instructions, take a look at this tutorial:

Insulation Techniques for e-Textiles

January 22, 2015

Learn a few different ways to protect your conductive thread and LilyPad components in your next wearables project.

Cleaning Your Project

If your project gets dirty, remove the battery and carefully hand wash with mild detergent. Let your project air dry; a dryer can damage the LilyPad pieces or stitching.