Light Up Pennant with E-Textiles

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Materials and Tools

This project is pretty open ended - like a choose your own adventure! If you'd like to go with a non-programming project, we recommend using a LilyTwinkle or LilyTiny (you can always reprogram them later). You can also create this project using a LilyPad Arduino Simple Board and LEDs (or any additional LilyPad components you'd like). Choose one of the following options for your project:

Option A: Protosnap LilyTwinkle

The Protosnap LilyTwinkle is a great choice if you'd like a twinkling effect and the ability to test out the circuit before you get to sewing.

LilyTwinkle ProtoSnap

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Option B: LilyTiny

The LilyTiny is pre-programmed with four different modes to choose from - blink, heartbeat, breathing, and random fade, depending on which numbered petal you sew the LEDs to.

Option C: LilyPad Arduino

For the most flexibility in your project's behavior, try programming a LilyPad Arduino Simple Board to light LEDs up in a twinkle, blink, or whatever pattern you choose. We will not be covering the programming side of things in this tutorial, for an introduction to programming take a look at one of our Programming tutorials.

Additional Supplies:

  • Felt pennant - either store bought or hand cut. We found the pennants used in this tutorial at a craft store for 99 cents each.
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Optional: Heat-N-Bond and iron for adhering shapes and letters
  • Insulating material (examples: acrylic/fabric paint, fabric glue, iron-on interfacing, or extra fabric)
  • Decorative craft supplies: extra felt, fabric, embroidery floss, beads, jewels, etc.