LED Robot Pop Up Card

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Step 5: Insert Battery

Once all the components are installed, it's time to test our circuit by adding a battery. Carefully slip the battery underneath the copper tape flap we made earlier, and center it inside the circle icon. Make sure the positive side of the battery (top, marked with the battery model and +) is facing up. Press the copper over the battery, and tape with clear tape.

alt text

Now, press the button, and the LED should light up!

alt text

alt text


  • Check the tape connections - use your nails or a pencil to make sure the tape is firmly adhering the components to the copper tape.
  • Check the battery - make sure it is sandwiched firmly between the top and bottom copper tape lines and that the top copper is not accidentally touching the bottom of the battery.
  • Check the wires of the LED - double check that they weren't accidentally broken while bending them into shapes with pliers.

Here is what the finished circuit should look like: