Jetson Nano + Sphero RVR Mash-up (PART 2)

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Introduction to Using Jupyter Notebooks

If you have never used Jupyter Notebooks before it is a pretty handy platform for both creating and using programming documentation for an end user. It also works as a great place to test our proof of concepts or if you are looking for a utilitarian way to develop and use dashboards for Python projects with out building something from the ground up.

Jupyter Notebooks are usually used as a learning tool where you can embed tutorial or instructional content alongside Python code users can step through as they read and that same code executes right there on the system that is hosting it.

In terms of a single board computer like the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, that means that you can write code to interact with the camera, sensors, machine learning algorithms, etc. and play around with the code without needing to run it directly on the Nano itself or even through a command line interface.

In fact, advanced users can use Jupyter Notebooks to create dashboards, control panels and graphic visualizations for their projects to keep them easy to use and interact with. All of this to say that all of the JetBot documentation is hosted through this system, enabling you to run programs and interact with your JetBot while it is free to move about the room.