IoT Industrial Scale

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Build the Base and Case


  1. Plan out, measure, and mark location of load cells.

    Load cells should be at least 1" in from the top platform board sides and installed equidistant and on the same plane (aka same height) with each other.


    Each load cell needs three M3 type screws, which requires fairly precise measurements. I opted for a quick & easy solution: make a plastic stencil that marks the load cell outline and the location of the screw holes. The plastic I used was cut from a discarded strawberry container (yay, free and upcycled!).

  2. Drill holes for load cell screws and attach load cells to base board.

    base feet

  3. Attach feet to base.


  4. Secure the scale platform.

    Place platform on top of the load cells. Attach wood slats to sides of base with wood glue and/or screws to secure the platform in place laterally, but not vertically. AKA, be sure that there is no resistance to the board pushing downward.

    Add brackets on opposite sides for a more secure hold.

  5. Place electronics into project box container (or tupperware) and drill holes for cables.


  6. Admire your handiwork!