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  • Member #1521833 / about 5 years ago / 1

    Hi, I was wondering if this build will return forces for the individual load cells, and if not, how could I modify this setup to return individual loads that I could then program with? Thank you for your help and great build.

    • santaimpersonator / about 5 years ago / 1

      For technical assistance please follow the link at the top of the comment section, above the comment submission area.

  • Member #1053531 / about 7 years ago * / 1

    Hi, The standard rate is 10Hz which is 10 times a second. Your rate 0,505s comes from serial data transfer ? Moreover there is a jumper on board which you can open to have 80Hz rate. I suggest you try it ! Looking forward the results!

  • Member #984525 / about 7 years ago / 1

    Hi, First of all, love your build! Secondly, I have an application for where I'd like to sample at much higher rates (at least 100hz), which very similar to the parkour jumper analysis you wanted to do in your Next Steps section. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) has made any progress with upping the sample rate. By the way, my application is to mount the force gauges in ski boots and go rip some turns. Always wondered what sort of G's I was pulling. Cheers,


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