How to Power a Project

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How Do I Connect My Battery Or Power Supply To My Circuit?

There are many ways to actually connect a power supply to your project.

Left to right: banana jacks, wire hookup, barrel jack, battery case, JST

Common ways to connect a power to your circuit

Variable benchtop power supplies commonly connect to circuits using banana jacks or wires directly. These are also similar to the connectors found on the multimeter probe cables.

Many projects are built on a breadboard first, as a prototype, before they become a final product. There are numerous ways to power your breadboard circuit, many of them involving a the same connectors mentioned here.

Once a project is past the prototyping phase, it will usually end up on a PCB. One of the most common power connectors used on a finished PCB, in both consumer electronics and hobby electronics alike, is the barrel connector, also know as a barrel jack. These can vary in size, but they all function the same and provide a simply, reliable way to power your project.

Batteries are generally held in a case that holds the batteries and connects the the circuit via wires or a barrel jack. Some batteries like Lithium Polymer Ion batteries often use a JST connector.

To learn more about different power connectors, please see our connectors tutorial.

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