How to Power a Project

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Resources and Going Further

You should now know the most common ways to power your circuit and how to figure out which way is best for you depending on your your project’s specific requirements. You can make a better judgment now based on current, voltage, connector, and mobility considerations for your project.

Photon Battery Shield Hookup Guide

The Photon Battery Shield has everything your Photon needs to run off, charge, and monitor a LiPo battery. Read through this hookup guide to get started using it.

Blynk Board Project Guide

A series of Blynk projects you can set up on the Blynk Board without ever re-programming it.

What is a Battery?

An overview of the inner workings of a battery and how it was invented.

Nuclear Battery Assembly Guide

How to put together your BYOT (Bring Your Own Tritium) Nuclear Battery Kit!

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