Heartbeat Straight Jacket

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Resources and Going Further

What did I learn? I learned that this project was more of a sociological experiment! A lot of people are rather timid about putting a stethoscope against their bare skin (no, they don't work through clothing). Maybe it's the fear of sterile, cold metal against their skin - the doctor's office coming back to haunt them. Maybe they're afraid of contracting a deadly viral skin chewing horse disease (silly). I'm not sure. The other funny thing I learned was that people can rarely find their own heart (oh no! I'm dead!).

Going Further

Once you have your straight jacket up and running, it's time to go test out the readings on your friends. You could also expand the project by swapping to XBees and setting up a mesh network between multiple straight jackets or other costumes! We'd love to see what new exciting things you come up with.

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Additional Resources

Check out these resources for additional information or project inspiration.