Heartbeat Straight Jacket

Contributors: Nate, Toni_K
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Download the RF24 library with the nRF24L01+ boards. We have a tutorial with more information regarding installing this library here.

Take a look at the RF24/examples/Usage/led_remote.ino example sketch. This is already configured to be compatible with the EL Sequencer with 7 channels of EL wire attached and will trigger each channel based on buttons hit on the remote unit. In this case, you will need to modify the speed control to be based on the mic input from the stethoscope.

If you don't have 6 channels attached, have no fear! The code will still run - it will simply cycle the open channels high and low. This may add additional

Upload this to your EL Sequencer using the FTDI port.

Once you have the code uploaded and can verify functionality of your straight jacket, you can hack away at the code to customize your 'heartbeat'.