Haptic Motor Driver Hook-Up Guide

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Hardware Overview

Haptic Motor Driver


Min-Max Source Voltage2V - 5.2V.
Special FeaturesIntegrated Haptic Effects & Smart Loop Architecture.
Input SignalPWM, Analog, I2C.
Maximum Output Voltage10.4V.
Haptic Actuator Type ERM & LRA type motors only.
Shut Down Current4uA.
Quiescent Current0.5mA - Important for your battery powered projects.

Pin Descriptions

The SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver - DRV2605L breakout board provides 6 pins to provide power to the sensor and I2C bus.

Back of Haptic Motor Driver Breakout

Pin LabelDescription
GNDConnect to ground.
VCCUsed to power the DRV2605L Haptic Motor Driver. Must be between 2.0 - 5.2V
SDAI2C data
SCLI2C clock
INAnalog and PWM signal input
EN Enable pin. Connect to VCC for most applications.
O-Negative motor terminal.
O+ Positive motor terminal.

Setting the Jumpers

On the front of the breakout board is a solder jumper:

  • I2C PU -- This is a 3-way solder jumper that is used to connect and disconnect the I2C pullup resistors. By default, this jumper is closed, which means that both SDA and SCL lines have connected pullup resistors on the breakout board. Use some solder wick to open the jumper if you do not need the pullup resistors (e.g. you have pullup resistors that are located on the I2C bus somewhere else).