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  • Hi, I had a question about the internal trigger tutorial. I'm quite knew to using Arduino and would really appreciate some guidance!

    I have the driver connected to an Arduino UNO board and an ERM 307-100 capsule motor. For some reason, running the script from the tutorial doesn't seem to be communicating with the motor. Not sure how to solve this issue and look forward to hearing any suggestions - thanks in advance!

  • Good afternoon, I have a question about the DRV2605L in the IN / Trigger, in this tutorial an analog input is handled, but it can also be a PWM input, this PWM can come from another mycocontroller for example the STM32F4Discovery card?

    I hope you can solve my doubt, greetings

  • Can I substitute an Adafruit DRV2605 Haptic Controller Breakout for this example - happen to have that from another project. Any guidance on that please?

  • Hello

    I'm having issues getting up and running whilst following "PWM & Analog Input Mode Example: Light Vibes". I've followed the example precisely, breadboarding the components and running the code from the installed Sparkfun library. When I upload the code I receive the following message: "WARNING: Category 'Motor Drivers' in library SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized'" The sketch manages to upload, however the motor doesn't respond. I've added an LED to test the light sensor, which is fine. I'm running Arduino 1.8.3 on Mac OS 10.12, using an Uno.


    • Have you figured this out yet? I just set up the same experiment though I'm running Arduino 1.6.12 and I'm on Windows 10. From Arduino go to sketch>>Include Library>>Manage Libraries and then search for SparkFun Haptic Motor Driver. I think if you install it that way there shouldn't be an issue as it is an Arduino approved library.

      The only thing is to check what type of motor you are using. There are vibe type motors that aren't labeled as either LRA or ERM so you may have to play with the motor type setting.

  • Also on the slippers project the board has no VCC connection. The motors I've seen are usually ~3V motors so what is correct here - provide a 3.3V supply, look for 5V rated motors, or use a 3V motor with 5V VCC?

    • Yes, a 5V motor was used in this project. If you would like to use the vibration motor we carry for this project then an additional switch would be needed between the 3.3V regulated power pin and the Haptic Motor Driver.

  • Looks like ground connection missing on audio jack in sound to vibe fritzing.

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