Hack Your Roshamglo Badge

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Adding Arduino Compatibility

Arduino is not a full-featured development environment, but it does allow us to prototype embedded programs quickly and easily. To begin, navigate to Arduino's software page and download the Arduino IDE for your operating system.

If you need help installing Arduino for your operating system, you can follow this guide.

Important! Your Roshamglo board will only work with Arduino versions 1.6.10 and above.

Download and Install the Board Package

Because the Roshamglo board is not supported by the Arduino IDE by default, we need to add it manually. Open the Arduino program and go to File > Preferences. Then copy and paste the URL below into the Additional Board Manager URLs text box.


Modifying the additional boards URL in Arduino

Then hit OK, and navigate to the Tools > Board > Boards Manager… tool. A search for “tiny” should turn up a SparkFun ATtiny Boards result. Select that and click Install.

Installing the Sparkfun ATtiny Boards definitions

Once the installation is complete, go to Tools > Board and select Roshamglo (ATtiny84, 3.3V, 8MHz) under the SparkFun ATtiny Boards section.

Selecting the ATtiny84 under the boards section in Arduino