GPS Shield Hookup Guide

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The SparkFun GPS shield has several convenient features that make it easy to use GPS modules with the Arduino Uno and SparkFun RedBoard (or any development board that supports the Arduino shield form factor).

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A GPS Shield sporting a UP501 GPS module, atop an Arduino Uno.


Before use, you will need to solder headers to your shield. Take a look at the Shield Assembly tutorial if you need a refresher. The GPS Shield uses the Uno R1 footprint with 2x 8-pin and 2x 6-pin headers.

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Required Materials

The GPS Shield Kit comes with the shield, headers, an EM-506 GPS module and foam tape for attaching the module to the shield.

If you purchased the GPS shield separately, you will need to acquire a GPS Module of your choice as well as the corresponding cables, headers or other connectors.

Suggested Reading

If you haven't worked with GPS before, you may want to read the following tutorials before continuing with the GPS Shield.

  • GPS Basics - If you've always wanted to know how GPS works, this is the tutorial for you.

If you're not using Arduino or another microcontroller, you can still view the GPS module's serial output (and send commands to the GPS) using a terminal program.