Getting Started with the Teensy

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you have a basic understanding of working with the Teensy, it's time to start building projects with one! Make sure to check out the schematic for your particular Teensy when building any new projects.

Teensy Schematics

Teensy schematics are available here.

Need some inspiration for your next project? Check out these additional resources for more information and other project ideas.

Or check out the following tutorials for inspiration.

Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter Hookup Guide

A basic introduction and assembly guide for the SparkFun Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter.

TeensyView Hookup Guide

A guide to using the TeensyView OLED board to display text and graphics.

How to Load MicroPython on a Microcontroller Board

This tutorial will show you how to load the MicroPython interpreter onto a variety of development boards.

MicroMod Teensy Processor Hookup Guide

Add the processing power and versatility of the Teensy to your MicroMod project following this guide for the SparkFun MicroMod Teensy Processor.

Or check out some of these blog posts for ideas.

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