Getting Started with MicroMod

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Resources and Going Further

Valuable MicroMod documents:

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the MicroMod, check out some of related following tutorials with MicroMod!

MicroMod Data Logging Carrier Board Hookup Guide

Get started with some customizable MicroMod data logging with the Data Logging Carrier Board.

MicroMod Main Board Hookup Guide

The MicroMod Main Board - Single and Double are specialized carrier boards that allow you to interface a Processor Board with a Function Board(s). The modular system allows you to add an additional feature(s) to a Processor Board with the help of a Function Board(s). In this tutorial, we will focus on the basic functionality of the Main Board - Single and Main Board - Double.

MicroMod mikroBUS™ Carrier Board Hookup Guide

This carrier board takes advantage of the MicroMod, Qwiic, and the mikroBUS™ ecosystems and allows users to take advantage of the growing number of 7 MicroMod processor boards, 83 Qwiic (add-on) boards, and +1100 drop-in Click boards™, which equates to +51M different board combinations. Click to learn more.

MicroMod Alorium Sno M2 Processor Board Hookup Guide

Get started with the MicroMod Alorium Sno M2 Processor Board!