Getting Started with MicroMod

Contributors: Nate
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How Does It Work?

The MicroMod standard leverages the M.2 connector and specification to increase the availability of parts and reduce the cost of the connector. All MicroMod ‘brains’ share a common pinout. For example, the I2C pins for the MicroMod ESP32 are in the same position as the I2C pins on the MicroMod Artemis.

A variety of MicroMod carrier boards give the user access to different technologies. Because the MicroMod connector is standardized, the controller can be easily and quickly swapped out as processing power, power consumption, and wireless connectivity. For example, a user may start with the MicroMod Artemis and a RFID carrier board. They then might decide they need WiFi for their project. Swapping to the MicroMod ESP32 allows the user to instantly add WiFi capabilities without changing the underlying hardware.

The MicroMod interface is defined as follows: