Environmental Monitoring with the Tessel 2

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If this is your first time experimenting with the Tessel 2, there are a few things you gotta do first! We recommend reading through our Getting Started with the Tessel 2 before diving into this project. We promise, it wont take that long.

Getting Started with the Tessel 2

October 12, 2016

Get your Tessel 2 up and running by blinking and LED, the Hello World of embedded electronics.

Dive Deeper into the Tessel 2

The entire Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit Experiment Guide is great stuff if you're starting out with the Tessel 2.

Experiment Guide for the Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit

June 28, 2016

Use the Tessel 2 and the Johnny Five Inventors kit to explore the world of JavaScript enabled hardware through 14 awesome experiments!

Getting Started with Phant(data.sparkfun.com)

If you've never worked with the data.sparkfun.com service before, the guide below will help you get started making your own stream for collecting data.