DIY Light Sculpture

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Enclosure Fabrication

The first part of this project is printing the enclosure on a 3D printer. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, check with your local library or maker space. There are also 3D printing services which you can use online like Shapeways.

Download 3D Printer Drivers

Download any drivers and firmware needed to control your 3D printer. If you are working with a LulzBot like the ones sold through SparkFun, check out their downloads page in the support section of their website. If you are working with a different printer, check out the printer brand's website for information on drivers and firmware.

Download Project File

Download the .stl file from the project page on thingiverse.

download stl

Prepare GCode

Prepare your Gcode by loading the .stl into your driver software. Either save the Gcode to an SD card or prepare to print by connecting your computer to the printer via USB. Make sure your settings match the material you plan to use. I recommend using black filament because it is effective in blocking light. A lighter color may leak light. If you prefer a light colored enclosure, I would print it in black and then spray paint it afterwards before adding the electronics.

Heads up! To save time and filament, flip the enclosure over in your driver so that the horizontal slots are flat against the bed.

3D Printer Driver Prep


Print the enclosure!

print the enclosure