DIY Heated Earmuffs

Contributors: Feldi
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Preparing Your Electronics

Now that we have build the structure of the earmuffs, let's begin to prepare the electronics for our circuit.

STEP 13:

Add a small touch of hot glue to one edge of your heating pad, then fold it over making it half it's original size.

glue heating pad

fold heating pad

STEP 14:

On one side of the folded pad, add hot glue to all four corners.

glue heating pad

STEP 15:

Glue it on to the interfacing, with the two leads pointing up and aligned with the leg of the headband as much as possible. Repeat for the second heating pad on the opposite side.

place heating pad

STEP 16:

Strip a short amount of wire (about 1" - 2") and solder to both of the smaller Neopixel rings on VCC, GND, and DIN.

solder neopixel leads

STEP 17:

Place the larger neopixel ring around each smaller one, make sure the smaller one is relatively centered, and then add a small piece of tape over them to keep them in position.

Tape NeoPixels

STEP 18:

Solder the Neopixel Ring pairs together according to the circuit diagram. (From inside ring to outside ring, DIN -> DOUT, VCC -> VCC, and GND -> GND.

solder rings together

STEP 19:

Add hot glue to the back of the smaller Neopixel ring.

glue neopixel

STEP 20:

Place rings on top of the foam dome. Repeat with the second set of rings on the opposite side.

Hot Glue NeoPixel Ring

STEP 21:

Solder medium length wire leads to Raw, GND, Pin 3 and Pin 4 on your Pro Micro.

Solder Wire to Pro Micro

STEP 22:

Place a small amount of hot glue to the back of the Pro Micro and then place it on the headband off to the side.

glue pro micro

place pro micro