DIY Heated Earmuffs

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Completing the Enclosure

STEP 48:

Grab both of the circles you cut from the template in Step 1. On the backside of your fabric, trace the large circle twice and the small circle twice. Then use a ruler to trace a 10.5" x 3.5" rectangle. Cut these out.

cut fabric

STEP 49:

Find the center of the rectangle piece of fabric on the backside by folding it in half and marking it. Then add a small dab of hot glue.

mark center

STEP 50:

Place the top and center most point of your headband on top of the hot glue.

place headbandt

STEP 51:

Continue to hot glue the fabric rectangle over the headband.

glue fabric

STEP 52:

Add hot glue on the bottom side of the headband along one edge and fold the fabric over, beginning to cover the bottom of the headband.

glue bottom

fold fabric

STEP 53:

Add hot glue to the free edge of the fabric on the backside and fold this over too. Once completed, your headband should be completely wrapped by fabric.

fold over

wrap headband

STEP 54:

Add hot glue around the edge of the interfacing on one side, and place a small circle of fabric on top. Repeat on the second side.

hot glue interfacing

place small circle

STEP 55:

Add some hot glue to the center of one of your foam domes, and then drape one of the larger circles of fabric on top, placing it as centered as possible.

hot glue domes

drape large circle

STEP 56:

Add hot glue to the free edges of the larger circle and begin to wrap it around the dome until it is completely wrapped.

Glue edge of large circle

wrap around dome

STEP 57:

Plug in your power supply and turn the switch on!

plug in

DIY Heated Earmuffs

Wearable DIY Heated Earmuffs