CryptoCape Hookup Guide

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This tutorial covers concepts or technologies that are no longer current. It's still here for you to read and enjoy, but may not be as useful as our newest tutorials.

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Trusted Platform Module

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The Atmel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is the AT97SC3205T, and only a summary datasheet is available with an NDA. However, the full datasheet is not required because there is existing software support. The TPM conforms to the Trusted Computer Group (TCG) Software Stack (TSS) Specification version 1.2, which is supported by the TrouSerS Linux software.

A very generic description of the TPM is that it performs RSA encryption, decryption, and signing in the hardware. It can perform much more than that, and there are entire books on how to use the TPM.

The kernel driver was backported to the 3.8 kernel by Robert Nelson of and will be loaded automatically by the BeagleBone Cape Manager.

Using the TPM

Instructions for using the TPM are located on this page.