Boss Alarm

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Setting Up the Boss Alarm

The squirrel and owl should be placed across from each other at the same height for best operation. Make sure the IR LED in the owl is pointing towards your computer! The Boss Alarm should work well for typical small office spaces.

Remember that light can reflect (including infrared, we just can't see it)! You may find that the IR signal coming from the squirrel gets picked up by your Teensy receiver causing false-alarms. If this happens, reposition the squirrel so it is angled away from your Teensy receiver.

Plug in the Teensy board, and that's it!

The Boss Alarm will change your active program using Alt-Tab. Make sure the last program you had selected was work-related. Excel has some nice templates that certainly look business-y.

Owl wave test

The red LED lets you know it's working.

Screen Change

The active program changes to something more business-y

The Boss Alarm has the unintended benefit that when your boss walks away, it will trigger again and return your active program to whatever you were doing before!

Now you can browse SparkFun at work without fear of your boss finding out. :)