Boss Alarm

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Printing the Models

Owl Model

Sectioned owl model enclosure

Squirrel Model

The cute squirrel model

I am more of an engineer than an artist, so I sourced the basic owl and squirrel models from Autodesk's 123Dapp website. The original artist's page for the owl can be found here. And the squirrel's artist can be found here.

Unpainted Models

The elusive nuclear-green owl

I modified the models a bit to fit the electronics inside. The owl was too tall for my printer to handle so I separated it into two parts and used printed pegs to align them. This also aids in assembly later on and isn't too noticeable. I used Autodesk's free, online program, Tinkercad, to create the models.

You should start the printer now, the models take a while to print!