Binary Blaster Assembly Guide

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Binary Blaster is a game that helps teach the player how to count in binary as well as convert from decimal (and hexadecimal) to binary and back, quickly. It displays a value on the 7 segment display, and the player is challenged to press the buttons in a way that represents the binary equivalent. Press a button to "set" that bit. Leave a button alone to "clear" that bit. There are four buttons, each one represents a bit. This means there are 15 possibilities. If the player gets all 15 correct, they win! It also displays a time score, so you can keep track of your fastest speed and practice to get faster!

This product comes as a PTH soldering kit, and it's up to you to solder it all together! You can buy the complete kit here.

SparkFun Binary Blaster Kit

SparkFun Binary Blaster Kit


If you're new to soldering, the Binary Blaster PTH Kit is a great place to start. This assembly guide will take you through each component in the kit and show you how to solder it into place.

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The assembled Binary Blaster PTH Kit

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