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Building The Hardware

Here's an overview of the hardware hookup:

Schematic overview

The build is fairly straight forward. We start with soldering:

  1. Attach a two pin header to the Electric Imp breakout board for GND and VIN. Solder on the battery wires. Hot glue them to reinforce the connection.
  2. Break off 9 pins from the header, and solder those to the Imp breakout board.
  3. Since you’ll need two ground wires (one for the accelerometer and one for the LED), cut the end off of one jumper wire, strip the coating, and solder it to the Imp breakout board. (We can wait to hot glue until the jumper wires are in place.)
  4. Solder a 6-pin header onto the accelerometer.

Now wire up the system:

Imp Breakout PinWire ColorGoes ToUse
PIN1BlueAccel's I1Interrupt to wake up the Imp.
PIN2RedLED's red legPWM red
PIN5BlueLED's blue legPWM blue
PIN7GreenLED's green legPWM green
PIN8YellowAccel's SCLI2C clock signal
PIN9GreenAccel's SDAI2C data signal
3V3RedAccel's 3.3VPower
GNDBlackAccel's GNDGround
GNDBlackLED cathode (longest leg)Ground

After you are done, the result should look something like this:

Are You OK wiring photo

Note: the extra ground wire is soldered on the 2-pin power header and is ready for a battery connection to be soldered to it.