APA102 Addressable LED Hookup Guide

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Python Examples

If you are looking to control the LEDs in a different language, try checking out the following tutorials to control the APA's with Python. You can control them via a microcontroller using the LumiDrive or a single board computer using the Raspberry Pi. Check out the following tutorials for more information.

LumiDrive Hookup Guide

January 17, 2019

The LumiDrive LED Driver is SparkFun’s foray into all things Python on micro-controllers. With the SparkFun LumiDrive you will be able to control and personalize a whole strand of APA102s directly from the board itself.

Lumenati Hookup Guide

October 12, 2017

Lumenati is our line of APA102c-based addressable LED boards. We'll show you how to bring the sparkle to your projects!