Wireless Joystick Hookup Guide

Contributors: Alex the Giant
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Kit Overview

Let's go over the Wireless Joystick Kit in detail. The kit comes with the following:

The following is not provided in the kit and will need to be purchased separately.

Picking the right battery depends on the use, but we recommend using at least a 400 mAh battery. If you've never used Xbee before, it's also recommended to use a pair of Series 1 XBees, or check out our XBee buying guide.

Wireless Joystick Board Overview

The Wireless Joystick board comes with the following:

  • SAMD21 Microcontroller
  • Adjustable battery charger (Default 500mA max charge rate)
  • MAX17043G LiPo fuel gauge
  • Programmable LED connected to D13
  • Two trigger buttons
  • Room for 2 Thumb Joysticks, or 1 Thumb Joystick and 4 push buttons