Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot

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Configuring XBees

To configure the XBees, we will be using the XBee Series 1 firmware. It is recommended to configure each XBee using the XBee Explorer USB.

XBee Inseted int XBee Explorer USB to Configure

If you have not already, check out the Starting with XCTU section under Exploring XBees and XCTU to configure your XBees.

Exploring XBees and XCTU

March 12, 2015

How to set up an XBee using your computer, the X-CTU software, and an XBee Explorer interface board.

Point-to-Point Configuration

For simplicity, we will be sending commands with the XBees in transparent mode set for a point-to-point configuration. Make sure to configure each XBee with a unique MY address if there are more than two XBees in your CH and PAN ID. You will then need to adjust the DL address for each respective XBee.

SettingAcronymTransmitting XBee Node 1
(Wireless Glove Controller)
Receiving XBee Node 2
PAN IDID33333333
Destination Address HighDH00
Destination Address LowDL10
16-bit Source AddressMY01