Using the BlueSMiRF

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Resources and Going Further

Hopefully this tutorial has prepared you for an exciting foray into the world of wireless communication. Now that you have a good idea of how to command these Bluetooth modems, and connect them to other devices, the rest is up to you. How are you going to make use of your pleasant lack of wire? Go hit the airwaves!

If you're interested in checking out other Bluetooth-related tutorials, check these links out:

  • RN-52 Hookup Guide – The RN-52 is a Bluetooth v3.0 module, which (on top of SPP) supports the Bluetooth audio profile A2DP. Using this module you could make a wireless boom box, or a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player!
  • MetaWatch Teardown and Hookup -- The MetaWatch is a smartwatch with an embedded Bluetooth module. In this tutorial we use a Bluetooth Mate to communicate between the watch and an Arduino.
  • Hackers in Residence - Hacking MindWave Mobile -- Connect to the MindWave Mobile using the RN-42's Bluetooth Classic profile to wirelessly communicate with your computer for a project!

Hackers in Residence - Hacking MindWave Mobile

Review, teardown, and hacking tutorial for the MindWave Mobile, a $99 commercial grade EEG sensor.

RN-52 Bluetooth Hookup Guide

A hookup guide to get you started with the RN-52 Audio Bluetooth Module Breakout Board.

MetaWatch Teardown and Arduino Hookup

Tearing down the nifty Bluetooth-enabled MetaWatch. Then building an Arduino sketch to control it.

Here are some other tutorials which features wireless communication:

  • IR Communication - If you're only really looking to transmit wireless data short distances, infrared may be a good (cheap!) option.
  • Electric Imp Hookup Guide -- The Electric Imp makes connecting to WiFi incredibly easy. Follow along with this tutorial, and you'll have an embedded module able to interact with web pages!
  • Windows Remote Arduino - In this project, we will use Windows Remote Arduino to turn an LED on and off. It is a simple example, but will reveal the power that the library can give you to create many more advanced projects. Let’s get started!

Or check out some of these blog posts for ideas: