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  • The silk screen labeling in the reference design has a mistake: The order of CTS, VCC, RX, and TX are mixed up.

    Also, CTS is not connected to anything. I'm not sure if that's a mistake or on purpose.

  • my drill files are not matching with the gerber file i generated...what shuld i do...

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  • Where do these Gerber files go? I opened the CAM processor, opened job, loaded my .brd file, it showed the path to my board at the bottom of the box, I hit "process job" and something happened with no apparent error messages. But I don't have files with extensions like .GBL or.GTL anywhere on my hard disk.

    I have Eagle 7.3.0 Standard, Win 7

    • It seems Eagle has changed the file extensions. Component side = .cmp Solder side = .sol Top silk = .plc Top mask = .stc Bottom mask = .sts There are also .gpi which looks like a photoplotter setup file. It does not generate a drill file as part of the CAM job. You need to run separately and add that file to the rest of the CAM files to have a board made.

    • The gerbers should end up in the same directory that your .SCH and .BRD design files live in. The CAM Processer window should list a directory in the bottom-left corner - that should be your project directory, and it should be where the gerber files get saved to.

  • May sound like a dumb question, but wouldn't the Atmega 328 need a external crystal? If not, does this design work or is it purely a demonstration?

  • Hi! I'm trying to upload my design to OSH Park. It looks like the SparkFun CAM file that is used does not include a GKO file that OSH Park requires. It needs an outline of the board. Which layer should be used to do this? Thanks!

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