TSH82 Configurable OpAmp Hookup Guide

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The TSH82 Configurable OpAmp board was designed to give you the best combination of performance and flexibility that we could achieve. The TSH82 device itself has 2 gain stages, each one independently accessible via header. Each stage is natively configured as an inverting amplifier, giving you a gain of -4.7 with AC input coupling. Stringing both stages together gives you a gain of about 22. But with the use of the jumpers on the back of the board, you can additionally configure each stage for non-inverting operation, differential input, and DC input coupling. The board will also operate with a single-ended DC power supply of 4.5V to 12V, or a bipolar supply from +/-2.25V to +/-6V.

SparkFun Configurable OpAmp Board - TSH82

SparkFun Configurable OpAmp Board - TSH82


Required Materials

In order to get signals in and out of the board, you're going to have to solder some stuff together. You may not need everything on this list, depending on what you have. Add it to your cart, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary.

Suggested materials

In order to tailor the board to your specifications, you might want some other parts that we can offer.

Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Female Headers

Female Headers

Break Away Male Headers - Right Angle

Break Away Male Headers - Right Angle

Rotary Potentiometer - 100k Ohm, Linear (Panel Mount)

Rotary Potentiometer - 100k Ohm, Linear (Panel Mount)

Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors - 10uF/25V

Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors - 10uF/25V


Rotary Potentiometer - 250k Ohm, Logarithmic (Panel Mount)


You may also want to examine these signals in real time as you're working with them, or maybe generate a signal to run through your opamp board.

Digilent Analog Discovery 2

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Frequency Generator Kit - FG085

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SparkFun MiniGen - Pro Mini Signal Generator Shield

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope - 100MHz (TBS2104)

Digital Storage Oscilloscope - 100MHz (TBS2104)


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