Thumb Joystick Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview: Shield

Below is a top view of the shield before any component is soldered.

Thumb Joystick Top View

  • Joystick - On the left of the board is the footprint for the thumb joystick. The potentiometers are connected to analog pins A0 and A1. The "select" button for the joystick is connect is connected to pin 2.

  • Prototyping Area - The center includes general plated through holes to prototype and solder additional components like a small OLED screen, XBee Explorer, or sensors. You'll need to wire it up to the respective pins depending on your project.

  • 12mm Buttons - On the right are locations for four 12mm momentary pushbuttons. Up is connected to pin 4, right to pin 3, down to pin 5, and left to pin 6.

  • Edge Pins - The board was designed for the original Arduino Uno footprint so you'll see the standard headers on the edge of the board.

  • Reset Button - Just beside the reset pin is the location for the mini push button to reset an Arduino when stacked on top.