Stepoko: Powered by grbl Hookup Guide

Contributors: MTaylor
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Hardware: Overview

The Stepoko is a complicated board. First, let's take a look at the whole thing, then the various parts will be broken out by function and discussed.

alt text

The top side.

Parts of the top side:

  • LEDs
    • X, Y, Z Direction -- Denotes polarity of movement
    • X, Y, Z Step -- Flashes each time the associated channel steps
    • X, Y, Z Limit -- Illuminates when a stop switch is active
    • E-Stop -- Illuminates when the stop button is active (shows axis lock has been removed)
    • Probe -- Illuminates when probe switch is active
    • Step En -- Illuminates to show the controller is ready to step its axes
    • Power -- Illuminates when the bulk rail is energized. Shows when back emf is also charging the unpowered rail.
    • TX, RX -- Shows communication over the USB.
    • Reverse protection -- Illuminates when power has been connected backwards -- Remove power
  • Axis connectors
  • Switch connectors
  • Switch active polarity switch
  • Power connectors
  • Uno-type 328p
    • Reset switch
    • USB connection
    • Pin Breakout
  • Axis drivers -- DRV8811
    • Step switches
    • Heatsinks
  • Power regulation
  • Fan connection

alt text

The bottom side

Parts of the bottom side:

  • Arduino pin map
  • Arduino pin breakout
  • Heatsink