Stepoko: Powered by grbl Hookup Guide

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The SparkFun Stepoko is an ATmega328p, Arduino compatible, 3-axis control solution. It's open source, uses open source firmware and works with an open source Java based cross platform G-Code sending application.

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The SparkFun Stepoko, in all its glory.

The simplest installation of it consists of just plugging the stepper motors in, but of course hard work pays off. Handy machine control buttons and locating features can be added at taste to give a mill whichever options are desired.

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The Stepoko implemented on a novelty-sized laser cutter, sitting atop a Shapeoko mill also driven by a Stepoko


  • 3 stepper connections
  • Full, to 1/8 stepping
  • Comes with heatsinks installed!
  • Options for input and feedback include E-Stop (emergency stop, or general motor drive switch), Reset, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Homing Location and Probing.
  • Has option for spindle direction and PWM control.
  • Can be powered from 12-30V.
  • Independent axis current limiting adjustments

Required Materials

Suggested Reading

If you still need to assemble your Shapeoko Mill, please consult our Shapekoko Assembly Guide.

  • Motor tutorial -- This tutorial covers all types of motors. If you're unfamiliar with stepper motors and how they work, check it out.