SparkPunk Sequencer Theory and Applications Guide

Contributors: Byron J.
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The SparkPunk Sequencer is a musical control voltage sequencer designed to control the SparkPunk Sound Generator.

SparkFun SparkPunk Sound Kit

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SparkFun SparkPunk Sequencer Kit

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With the pair, you can create ten-step musical motifs, but there are hidden opportunities in the sequencer: it can be modified and connected to external hardware in clever and interesting ways.

SparkPunk and Sequencer

We will start by explaining the internals of the sequencer in more detail. We'll step through the major functional blocks of the schematic, learn how they interrelate, and examine the important signals that connect those blocks. Then we'll step into some simple modifications that change the behavior of the sequencer. From there, we'll look at how we can add more hardware to make increasingly sophisticated systems.

This document picks up where the Hookup Guide left off. If you haven't yet built your sequencer, start there, then come back.

SparkPunk Hookup Guide

June 12, 2014

How to assemble and modify the SparkPunk Sound Generator kit.