SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P Hookup Guide

Contributors: El Duderino
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Power Consumption Tips

Power consumption by this board varies depending on how it is configured and powered. Below are our current consumption test results for various power options with the MGM240P operating in Low Power mode:

  • Regulated 3.3V input on 3V3 pin - 15µA
  • LiPo JST Connector/VBAT pin - 120µA
  • USB-C/VUSB pin (LP and CHG jumpers cut) - 250µA
  • USB-C/VUSB pin (only LP jumper cut) - 300µA
  • USB-C/VUSB pin (neither jumper cut) - 21mA

As you can see, for lowest current consumption, powering the board with a regulated 3.3V input directly to the 3.3V pin draws significantly less current as it bypasses the voltage regulator and battery charge/monitoring components. All of these tests were performed with the PWR jumper OPEN to disable the Power LED.

Driver Installation

Most operating systems will not recognize the Thing Plus Matter as a USB device by default. To install drivers, download and install the Simplicity Studio IDE and then install the Thing Plus Matter package to the IDE. This process will install all necessary board packages for the Thing Plus including USB drivers. Refer to our Getting Started with Simplicity Studio guide or Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio documentation for detailed instructions.

General Troubleshooting