SparkFun Thing Plus - NINA-B306 Hookup Guide

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The SparkFun Thing Plus - NINA-B306 offers a unique combination development platform in the Thing Plus form factor featuring the NINA-B306 from u-blox, the ISM330DHCX 6 DoF IMU from STMicroelectronics and the BME280 atmospheric sensor from Bosch Sensortec.

SparkFun Thing Plus - NINA-B306

SparkFun Thing Plus - NINA-B306


The combination of Bluetooth® 5 low energy module with an integrated Arm Cortex-M4 processor in the NINA-B306 with motion and environmental sensing provides a powerful and versatile wireless development platform.

In this guide we'll go over the hardware present on this Thing Plus development board, how to assemble it as well as integrate and use it with the Arduino IDE.

Required Materials

All you need to get started with the Thing Plus - NINA-B306 is a USB-C cable.

USB 2.0 Type-C Cable - 1 Meter

USB 2.0 Type-C Cable - 1 Meter

USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot

USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot


Optional Materials

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