SparkFun Edge Hookup Guide

Contributors: Ell C, Liquid Soulder
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Software Setup

Ambiq Suite SDK

The Edge board takes advantage of the cutting-edge Apollo3 Blue microcontroller from Ambiq for incredibly high efficiency which allows AI applications to run on a coin cell power source. The cost of using the latest and greatest technology. In order to start developing your own applications you'll need to follow along with our extensive Ambiq Apollo3 Software Development Kit Setup Guide.

Using SparkFun Edge Board with Ambiq Apollo3 SDK

March 28, 2019

We will demonstrate how to get started with your SparkFun Edge Board by setting up the toolchain on your computer, examining an example program, and using the serial uploader tool to flash the chip.

Arduino IDE

At the time of writing, support was only provided for the Ambiq Suite SDK. However, support is now included in the Arduino IDE. Check out the following for Programming the SparkFun Edge with Arduino!

Programming the SparkFun Edge with Arduino

December 9, 2019

Running low-power machine learning examples on the SparkFun Edge can now be done using the familiar Arduino IDE. In this follow-up to the initial Edge tutorial, we'll look at how to get three examples up and running without the need to learn an entirely new SDK.